November 7, 2013

Video Door Phones and Increasing Need for Home Security

Home security systems in India , today are no longer a luxury but a necessity. There is no doubt today that homes require additional security than just a mere burglar alarm or a peep hole attached to the door. With steady rise in crimes and the need to stay safe and protect ones family home security systems like video door phones are a much preferred choice. Video door phones mostly the wireless video door phones are a good investment and make a huge difference in sprucing up security measures for a home or building.

Video door phone dealers in India are positive that in a few years’ time wireless video door phones will be installed in every home. Video door phone Mumbai dealers are aware of the growing need for good video door phone systems. Since Mumbai is considered a financial capital and a city where thousands have found their dreams come true, it only stresses on the need for good security measures. A good finance hub like Mumbai requires its citizens to be safe, especially since those dwelling in the city are prone to heinous crimes. Suppliers of video door phone in Mumbai have naturally found an increase in sales with regards to video door phones within the city. Among wireless video door phone systems, Zicom video door phones have always ruled the roost.

Like most wireless video door phone security systems the Zicom video door phones allows the occupant to view who is at the door as well as communicate with them. This is an added security measure since the occupant need not open the door without being sure it is safe to do so. These video door phones allow the house occupant to view any suspicious activity even before opening the door for anyone. The Zicom video door phone monitor can be easily installed in any part of the house depending on the convenience of the occupant. With the ease of viewing visitors from any section of the house crime can be rightly reported even before its inception. All of this is available with a single press of a button, making it the most convenient security system at your fingertips.

It’s not only the Zicom video door phones that are preferred by home owners, top video door phone suppliers in every city have cited the rise in requirement of good wireless video door phones. It’s most important benefit being that since there are no cables or wires required to install the wireless video door phone, the system is tamper proof. Moreover it allows the users to install it at any time even without having to lay down extra cables or renovate their homes and building premise. Its most apparent advantage of the wireless video door phones system is that they are audio and video enabled. Once the owner or occupant of the house recognizes the visitor at the door, the remote electronic lock allows access by releasing its mechanism.

The only deterrent for any buyer according to top video door phone suppliers is its price. Since India has a diverse stratum of consumers with varying notches of income, not all can afford good video door phone systems for their homes. Most people in the county have even come to believe that security systems like the wireless video door phone and branded security systems like Zicom video door phones are not within their budget. Perceptions are however changing with regards to ease of price of video door phones in India. With technology only improving, video door phone price in India is getting to an affordable segment. Eventually every middle class home in the country will install quality security measures like a video door phone.

Video door phone suppliers in the country are aware of this growing need of increased security measures for homes, buildings, villas and guest homes. Top video door phone suppliers are therefore introducing several types of video phone security systems that fit every kind of budget. There are also housing complexes and societies that are encouraging the use of video door phone for every home. This not just adds value to the home but ensures every buyer a quality life that is secure.

The video door phone system is easy to install, with the camera, mic/speaker installed at the entrance of a home or building. If a visitor rings the doorbell of a home installed with a video phone system, the camera is instantly activated. The monitor installed inside the home displays the visitor’s image and allows the home occupant to talk and enquire about the visitors visit. Once the owner is duly satisfied with the visitor and their purpose of visit they can allow them to enter with a single press of a button. The immediate need to open the door for any visitor without knowing who they are is eliminated completely. Unnecessary visitors like salesmen and even criminals need not be entertained into the house without the home owner being sure of their safety and that the visitor is genuine.

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